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Analytical Services Laboratory - Ion Chromatography.

ADVANCED SEPARATIONS unveils the latest in ion chromatography analysis.

As a modern ion chromatography laboratory, ADVANCED SEPARATIONS stays at the forefront of the analytical community with the delivery of correct and precise results and unique capabilities in ion chromatography analysis. Unparalleled customer service is the platform for our success, while a competitive price structure allows clients on any budget the ability to save time and cut costs.

ADVANCED SEPARATIONS has a vast expanse of expertise in ion chromatography and ion chromatography related analytical testing services. Our independent full-service ion chromatography laboratory - the product of more than seventeen years of experience - houses state-of-the-art ion chromatography instrumentation and offers coveted contract analyses and methods development. ADVANCED SEPARATIONS capabilities include the below analyses.

Analytical Services Laboratory for Ion Chromatography
IC ( Ion Chromatography ) Analysis – Ions in aqueous solution, or other matrices which can be prepared into aqueous solution, has the ability to be analyzed by ion chromatography. ADVANCED SEPARATIONS analytical services laboratory can test ions by IC on liquids and other matrices prepared into samples. Ion categories include anions, cations, organic acids, amines, hydroxy-amines, silica, triazoles, tolyltriazoles, benzotriazoles.

ADVANCED SEPARATIONS is recognized as a leading ion chromatography analytical services laboratory with clients worldwide. ADVANCED SEPARATIONS operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.


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